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    Service Network

    International Customer Service Center

    Snibe will have overseas customer services center in India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Spain, Romania and United States.


    Online documentation and software for your Snibe products can be downloaded free of charge with Snibe service agreements. Our searchable database includes hundreds of manuals and software details, conveniently organised so you can find the technical information you need immediately. Snibe owns the intellectual property rights to all Snibe products software, manuals and other documents. Material may refer to, or include, information protected by copyright or patents and does not convey any  license under patent rights or copyright of Snibe, and/or of others. 

    Snibe intends to maintain the contents of all material as confidential information. Disclosure of any information in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Snibe is strictly forbidden. Release, amendment, reproduction, distribution, rental, adaptation, translation or any other derivative work of any material in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Snibe is strictly forbidden.

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    WhatsApp:+86 186 0300 2270 (Snibe-Service)

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